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A law firm is a business entity formed by one or more lawyers so as to practice law. The members of a law firm usually share both clients and profits. Click now! to get more info. Traditionally however, a law firm was just a partnership. Law firms may also employ other lawyers to represent their clients in a court. The key service that a law firm provides is to advise clients about their responsibilities and legal rights and to also represent their clients in their cases.

Law firms come in different types and depending on one's legal issue, there are a variety of law firms one can chose from. The different types of law firms include, solo law firms, small law firms, large law firms, litigation law firms, transactional law firms and criminal law firms. Solo law firms are run by a single lawyer. Solo firms are best to choose when you have a single legal issue and you want to minimize the cost incurred during the process. Solo law firms also guarantee a more on to one attention since the attorney will be single-handedly working on your case. Small firms on the other hand employ a maximum of about ten attorneys and give the lawyers an opportunity to collaborate with other lawyers while working on a case. Small firms also allow for a broader range of presentation on other legal issues. Large law firms are also known as full-service firms. They range in size and have several dozens of employees and lawyers.

They also have thousands of employees including, human resource specialists, librarians and paralegals. They can be found in a number of countries or cities. Large law firms usually specialize in all law areas and has a number of departments. Large law firms also have the capability to handle numerous legal works for example: matters concerning criminal defense, large scale litigation and business transactions. Criminal law firms specializes in criminal defense against crimes that endanger the security of the clients. They often focus on representing private clients who can afford the services they provide. Transactional law firms usually specialize on matters related to disputes over insurance, property or money. Lawyers employed in transactional law firms may not necessarily represent the clients in a court room. litigation law firms only focus on representing clients in court cases.

Every individual is advised to look into their legal issue so as to establish which type of law firm is suitable for them and one that they can afford. Read more now. It is also wise to look into the reputation of any law firm before trusting that they can handle your case efficiently. Learn more from

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